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I have approximate answers and possible beliefs in different degrees of certainty about different things, but I’m not absolutely sure of anything.” Richard Feynman

This blog is partly about how I overcame a seemingly unrelated group of health problems and got off a bunch of medications by learning about human metabolism and making radical changes to my diet. More importantly though, it is about the following question: What kind of diet is the healthiest for a human being? Truths which were so vital to my physical transformation suggest an answer to that question that is so antithetical to conventional wisdom that it inspires outrage from most people. My desire to help similarly afflicted people by sharing my experience and insights has been put into direct conflict with my fear of alienation and ridicule. This blog represents the victory of the former over the latter.

About 15 years ago, I considered myself well informed on the subject of diet and health. My opinions were based on having read many articles and having watched many television programs all offering the same coherent story. I had been given a very clear and logically consistent understanding of what it meant to eat healthy, and I tried to live by this knowledge. It was easy for me to dismiss alternative opinions because I knew that mine were shared by the vast majority of medical professionals.

But then, driven by my own deteriorating health, I encountered a handful of facts that were at the same time highly relevant to the treatment of my physical condition, and directly contradictory to everything I thought I understood about human diet. I could not continue to maintain my belief system without dismissing these facts, and no matter how much I tried, these facts persisted. They are the food heresies, and they ate away at the very core of my beliefs like a cancer. I learned of an alternative explanation for these facts (The Alternative Hypothesis) and a growing movement among scientists and physicians to increase awareness and hopefully scientific research funding to further examine this hypothesis.  I decided to put this idea to the test. I radically changed my diet. The results have been astonishing. I went from being a slave to Big Pharma taking over $400 per month in prescription medications,to being medication free and feeling better than I’d felt in 25 years.

But this personal confirmation of an alternative view of nutrition science came at a high cost. I now believe that the field of nutrition science and public health is utterly bankrupt. I think that much of what is taught to physicians in medical school on the subject is completely wrong, as is most of what we are exposed to in the popular media. I further believe that much of the so called research in nutrition science is less about advancing knowledge and more about advancing a corporate agenda for some powerful group in Washington. And my heart aches for the countless people that are suffering tragically or dying unnecessarily every day, because this knowledge simply isn’t out there.

I understand that these are extraordinary claims and that you may already be inclined to stop reading and forget all about this. But before you do, know that I am not alone. There is a growing number of scientists, physicians and lay people that are lending their voice to the heretical ideas that I am about to share. For example, in January, a letter was sent to the editor of The New York Times after they published a story by Tara Parker-Pope about obesity. The letter stated “Until the medical researchers themselves and the journalists, like Ms. Parker-Pope, who cover the field, acknowledge that there is indeed an alternative explanation… …there is little hope for progress.” That Alternative Hypothesis for obesity to which the author refers has a direct bearing on everything I wish to discuss. The letter was signed by over 250 MDs and PhDs, and the New York Times published a condensed version of it. It is not an exaggeration to say that this blog is about the front line of a revolution in human biology. Part of the satisfaction I get from writing this is knowing that I may be making it slightly more difficult for others to marginalize the champions of the cause.

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